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Going to a Busy Event? Get More Out of It!

When you walk into a room full of strangers hoping to have a meaningful conversation, you handshake your way through the room, hoping for the best.


Shouldn't there be a better way to connect with people at events? 


Take control of your networking experience with Wanuh. Find new contacts directly based on what you wanuh talk about. Small talk is fine and all, but Wanuh is finer.


Try it now for free!




Use Wanuh to



what matters most to you

from other attendees


someone with their problem


in your area of expertise

Find the People You Came Here to Meet


It's as Simple as:

Q: How do you get what you want from your next event?

Make a well-formed request (a "Wanuh")

Q: What's a well-formed request?

A well-formed request is one that is authentic, specific, and actionable, hopefully by someone who may be immediately accessible or near you right now! People around us can actually help us more than we think, and they're often more willing to help than we expect.


They just have no idea what you want - so tell them!


Post a well-formed request in Wanuh - something that people can respond to right now - and watch the possibilities open up!


Discuss health IT for ambulatory care services

—  Kristen, Austin HIMSS Chapter Lunch & Learn

Wanuh makes event networking more effective, efficient, and enjoyable by empowering attendees to make the connections they came for.


Whether they're interested in getting help, giving advice, or discussing something specific, Wanuh ensures they'll accomplish their goals at your next event. 



Get Connected

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Wanuh solves the pain of networking by connecting people based on their actual needs and wants.

With all the networking I do, it's cool to just find and walk right up to a guy who needs what I can offer!

Wanuh is cool! I probably never would have found Steve in the crowd. And the reality is, he *wants* to be found.

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