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We're on a mission to help you get what you want. On any given day, at any given moment, we're all walking around with various sets of "wants", as well as "offers" or "gifts"--things we can offer to others. And throughout our day, we often find ourselves comingling with our fellow humans in public or semi-public places, including structured settings such as meetups and conferences. Wanuh provides a platform for you to express and publish your "wanuhs" to others around you.

Then, in the context of a meetup or conference, for example, you can find and reach out to others based on issues of mutual interest and relevance. When you find someone or something of interest, you can "Tap" their wanuh, exchange contact info, and find each other to have a chat. It's that simple and that awesome.

Save time. Save frustration. Get what you want and Give what you can. Just ask!

So, whaddaya Wanuh talk about?

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